Godparents Book

A month or so ago my step daughter – Jayne – asked if I could come up with any ideas for Godparent gifts. She particularly wanted to include a photo of the twins.

I usually have a rummage around the internet for ideas but in this case searches brought up gifts from Godparents rather than for them.

After some thought I wondered if a fabric book would work. I’m not sure if I ever have a, truly, original idea. Often I know where my inspiration has come from but sometimes I have no idea. Later when I’m flicking through an old  magazine or searching around on the internet I will come across an article, long forgotten about, which had obviously planted a seed at the back of my mind.

In this case the idea has come from Judy’s Fabrications – another of my favourite Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/pages/Judys-Fabrications/209714275885073  Her books feature many more embellishments than mine but the basic idea is the same.

I had no idea how to set about this project so it was really a ‘suck-it-and-see’ process. Surprisingly I didn’t really have many false starts. There were a couple of headaches.

  • The photo pages need stiffening to hold in the photos –  I used mounting board behind the photo and small strips of card behind the fabric frame around the front.
  • The font I wanted to use for the sentiment on the last page was too big so I had to rethink this. It took me a few hours to get this just right but in the end I’m reasonably happy with it.

Here are some photos of the finished product



P1080426 P1080423 P1080430

Time flies

Well, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve put pen to paper. Somehow I can’t find the time to make stuff and write about it BUT if I don’t write about it how does anyone know I’ve made it.

I have a Twitter account, an Etsy shop with associated teams and forums, this blog and a Facebook page. Finding time to contribute to all of these on a regular basis is impossible. I spent a lot of time, a couple of months ago, networking on Facebook.  For anyone who doesn’t know this seems to involve checking out pages of like minded people-in my case crafters-‘liking’ the page, making nice comments and hoping the effort is reciprocated. In this way you should get more ‘likes’ for your own page and therefore reach more customers.

This doesn’t seem to have worked. I like about 100 pages. Only 61 people like my page and at least 10 of those are friends and family!! Maybe that’s because my work doesn’t appeal to many other crafters maybe it’s because not everyone returns the favour. Anyway it seems a lot of effort for very little reward and it can be really discouraging.

There are pages out there with thousands of likes (something I can only dream of) and many, many very talented people. Here’s one of my favourites

https://www.facebook.com/lilymaedesign?fref=ts. I’ll mention some more over the next few weeks.

Well that’s my moan over for today. I have been busy making one or two things in the last few weeks so I’ll pop back soon with photos and stories behind the makes.

In the mean time if you want to visit and ‘like’ my Facebook page here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raggleberry/205823329585361?fref=ts





New skills

Well it’s coming up to the end of my two weeks off. Next weekend I will open up my craft cupboard again.

I’ve cleaned the house, done a bit of DIY and the washing and ironing is up to date.

I couldn’t manage to switch off the creative side of my brain entirely though.


I had an urge to try my hand at Irish crochet.  More about this another week but in the mean time here is my first effort.

Hands off for two weeks

Nobody could ever accuse me of being too fastidious about housework. As I look around our lounge now I can see bits on the floor – mostly assorted crafting detritus  – cotton thread, bits of material and the like. There’s dust on quite a few surfaces. The cushions definitely need a good old puff and pummel. Can’t see any cobwebs but that might be my eyesight!

From time to time, though, I look around and I can’t live with it any longer. So, for two weeks I’m going to pack up the craft room and get to grips with the washing, ironing cleaning and tidying. Before I touch another piece of material I am going to have a reasonably organised home. I’m not aiming for perfection, you understand, just an acceptable degree of cleanliness and tidiness.



This weekend I finished a bedroom cushion which will be going into the shop later today. Click on the ETSY logo above to go to my shop.



I thought I’d try my hand at something a bit more modern. After finishing the front of the cushion cover I couldn’t find anything for the back. I will be using cotton but despite a shelf full of different shades of cream/beige/taupe I didn’t have a colour that I really liked. So…something to finish off in a couple of weeks.


We’re football crazy we’re football mad

Well it’s The World Cup in a couple of weeks and here in the UK we are really gearing up for it.

In our office each team has drawn a group and we have started to decorate our desk space based on the colours and cultures of the countries. We have Group E – Ecuador, Honduras, France and Switzerland.

I’ve made posters…P1070352












…but as I am English I couldn’t let the weekend go by without making something featuring our own flag.



English flag heart by Raggleberry

This heart is for sale. I have put in my ETSY shop today. £6.00 plus £3.00 postage






Worth it in the end

The wall hangings took me longer – much longer – than I thought.

I was going to post updates but, as they were a surprise gift, I decided to keep them secret until they were finished.

So here they are.

They are slightly quilted to give them a bit of body and, as you can see, I’ve added special dates as well as the first name of each twin.  I’ve avoided making them too ‘babyish’ so hopefully they can feature on their bedroom walls for a couple of years to come.


P1070311 P1070291


I don’t think I’ll be making any exactly like this for the shop but I may try to adapt the idea to make it more manageable.


A few days off work

This weekend I have BIG plans. We have six whole days off work and we intend to fill them.

Mike and I are stepping outside again. We both like walking but we are, most definitely, fair weather walkers! The wet winter has kept us in but the time is right to break out. We’d planned to go Sunday but the forecast is for rain so, not to be deterred  we have decided to go tomorrow instead.

I will be opening up my craft room later today to start on two wall hangings for Sophia and Louis. They will be one year old on 1st May and are being Christened on 4th May.

I’ve been scouring the internet and have been inspired by several things – cards, cushions, quilts and wall art. I plan to use  (steal?) ideas from a few of the pictures I’ve found and make them into something new.  I wonder if I’m being a bit ambitious and I’m not sure if I will finish on time, but as ever, I will keep you posted on my progress.

Have a happy Easter everyone.