Pillow Talk

Many many years ago when everybody started tarting up their beds with myriad cushions I decided that I would like a couple of bolster cushions. Decoration and practicality I thought – cushions to look pretty when we weren’t in bed and to prop us up when we wanted to read or watch TV.

Thing was I hadn’t realised that the bolster cushions featured in my favourite house magazines were tiny. I looked around for bigger cushion pads without success so I decided to make my own.

I re-shaped a couple of old feather pillows. It’s so long ago I can’t quite remember how I did it, but I do remember the mess – feathers all over! The resulting ‘sausages’ were (and still are) a little squishy but they are large enough and comfy enough to squash behind our necks.

When it came to a cover I needed something I could remove to wash and made some rather basic covers which, although they weren’t exactly fancy, I was happy with at the time.



They’ve become very scruffy over the years so, when I stripped the bed yesterday, I decided the time had come to do something about them.

I had some white polycotton lurking in my craft cupboard. Wouldn’t you know it though – I didn’t have quite enough! A quick rummage around through my stash and I found some cotton which almost matches the bedroom colour scheme. So…

…here’s one finished cushion











There’s only one cushion. The second one will have to wait. It’s a lovely day today and I’ve been forced to take the opportunity to tidy up the garden.





I’ve been having doubts about my shop.  Well not so much about the shop itself, more about the time it takes to make anything to sell in it! The sellers with really successful shops put in a lot more hours than I have spare.

I’m mulling over the idea of a craft stall but I need to do a bit more research – how much stock to take, how to make a good display, what to do about pricing etc etc etc.

On the other hand I’m wondering whether to put everything on the back burner for a while… I just don’t know.

Anyway for the time being here’s a pic of some cute little felt chicks I’m making for a fund-raising day at work in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.DSCN2834

It’s Bruce!

The doll was, more or less, finished last Sunday. I did a few hours work on Monday and Tuesday evenings to add the finishing touches.  Job well done then? except…

… I noticed that some stitching had come loose from one of the ears. Then I decided to try and make a little hoop earring for the other ear.  All done now then?  No!  When I started to take photos of the doll standing up I decided the guitar strap was too short, so last night, at 9.30pm I was making another one.

That had to be it, though, because he was being picked up today. He was commissioned by a lady who will be gifting him to her friend – a huge fan.  It’s a big responsibility and I’ve put in about 50 hours of work so I hope the recipient is pleased.

I’m  also hoping that, by now, those of you who are also fans will recognise Bruce Springsteen.

I don’t have sufficient skill as an artist or doll maker to attempt a facial likeness. All I can hope for is that the eyes are more or less the right colour and the hair isn’t too off the mark.

My dolls are cloth dolls rather than rag dolls. They are jointed at the knees and elbows, and although they can sit on the edge of a shelf, they require a doll stand to help them stand up. The arms and legs are able to move because they are made separately and attached using buttons.

Anyway enough of that. Perhaps you want to know what he looks like.


Bruce Springsteen – cloth doll by Raggleberry


Can you see the little hoop earring? I must admit I’m quite please with this little detail.


Bruce Springsteen – cloth doll by Raggleberry


Bruce Springsteen – cloth doll by Raggleberry


My doll is nearly finished.

Last night I felt I was on the home straight. I got up early this morning but after ten hours work I’m still not quite there. There’s probably another three or four hours work which I might be able to do over the next couple of evenings.

So I’ve made good progress but I’m disappointed that I’m not quite finished.



Things left to do

1. The legs need attaching -but I expect you noticed that!

2. The guitar needs a strap.

3. The hair needs finishing off

4. the face needs sharpening up.

Do you know who it is now?


Slow going

Sometimes it seems like I am working hard and getting nowhere.

I spent most of the weekend working on my doll but haven’t made the progress I’d hoped for. In my defence I’m not on top form. I seem to have caught a bit of a cold.

Anyway, although it’s been slow going things have moved on.

I’m sticking with this head – unless I make a bad mistake with the face or hair and feel I need to start again.


I’ve never claimed my dolls have any likeness to the person they are impersonating, but I’d prefer them not to look like someone else either! This chap is looking a bit like Bradley Wiggins at the moment but I’ve a lot more work to do on the hair which should make a difference.

I’ve got the body stuffed today


And I’ve started on the ‘accessories’. Can you guess who it’s supposed to be yet?





Here’s a BIG clue ( for some people anyway)……………………




Sunday progress

Short post today. It’s 8.00pm here in the UK and I’ve had a busy day.

We have just eaten our evening meal – spaghetti and meatballs – and now we are settling down in front of the TV.

The days are short at the moment and I can’t work in electric light so I closed up the craft room at around 5.00pm

I’m happy with the progress I have made though


Jeans on each leg, hands sorted and a head done. I might use this head or I might make another and chose the best. This one might be a bit girlie.

Not much new here to help you guess who it is, but you may spot that he has brown eyes.